Fellmongers Company of Richmond - Apprentice Awards

The 2019 Apprentice Awards Evening

Fellmongers have always known that the future depends on training good apprentices – young people with talent and ambition who work hard.  This part of our tradition is something we want to continue and so, each year, we invite apprentices who live or work in our area, to come and celebrate their achievement with us when they complete their training. We like to say,  ”Well done and welcome to adult working life.”

So how does this work?

If you are following an apprenticeship or if you are responsible for training an apprentice in the Richmond area, we would like to hear from you.  It does not matter which trade or course you are following.  We will then visit you at work and get to know a little of what your training involves.  Then, when the apprenticeship has been successfully completed (or a separate part of it has been completed), we invite apprentice and trainers to an awards evening to celebrate what has been achieved.

Awards Evening

What happens and who will be there?

Every  apprentice can bring two guests, usually friends or family, and we invite the trainers and people involved in organising apprenticeships.  We start the evening by presenting each apprentice with a medal and a portfolio about their achievement and their personal talent.  After that we all have food and drink as a way of saying Well done!

This sounds a good idea so what do I do now?

You can contact the Fellmongers to get more information, using the Contact page

Or, if you prefer, you can phone the organiser:
John McDonald on 01748 518347

Either way we will be pleased to hear from you.

The 2019 Apprentice Awards Evening- March 22nd

The Master, Baroness Harris of Richmond, presented awards to two soldiers, two cadets and eleven apprentices, along with her guests of honour, General Lord Houghton and the Mayor of Richmond, Jonathan Preece

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