Fellmongers Company of Richmond - Affiliation and Social Activities

Twice a year in January and October the members dine together and are joined by their guests including civic and military representatives and the Masters of other Companies from London and York.

Master Fellmonger Mr Richard Sands RVM

Master Fellmonger
Mr Jonathan Preece

On Saint George’s Day members wear the red rose of England and the flag of Saint George is flown from the Town Hall. On this day the Company and their official guests walk in procession to the parish church for a service of rededication and to hear a sermon commemorating the life of Henry Bradrigg one of their seventeenth century predecessors. Thereafter they enjoy each other’s company at a reception. From time to time during the year the Master and Clerk arrange other social occasions including a joint carol service with the other Richmond company and a Christmas lunch.

The Company has adopted the Green Howards, now the second battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment. The Green Howards were for long based in Richmond and still have their regimental museum here. The Company are thereby continuing to uphold Richmond’s long military association and in particular its links with our North Riding regiment.

The Company is governed by a Master assisted by an Upper Warden, Renter Warden and three Searchers who, together with the Clerk and Past Masters make up the Court where matters of business are decided. The Master takes office for one year on Saint George’s day. On that day all the freemen (members) meet to elect his successor (by custom the Upper Warden) and a new Searcher to take his place in the chain of authority, the Upper Warden being replaced by the Senior Searcher.

Membership includes both men and women and the Company invites the widows of deceased members to continue as Companions. There is a provision too, for honorary membership of the Company. The Company seeks to promote fellowship and friendship and provides an opportunity for members to meet people in varying walks of life.